ELEGY FOR H. P. LOVECRAFT. Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Harold S. Farnese.

ELEGY FOR H. P. LOVECRAFT. N.p., n.d., copyright: 1937. Photostat of original music manuscript on rectos of two sheets, each measuring 12 x 9 inches. Photographic reproduction of Farnese's manuscript, perhaps several copies so prepared to make up a small "edition." Harold S. Farnese (1885-1945), musical composer and correspondent of HPL (1932-1933) asked for and received Lovecraft's permission to set to music two sonnets from the "Fungi From Yuggoth" cycle. By September 1932, Farnese had written and performed music for "Mirage" and "The Elder Pharos." Lovecraft "never heard or saw the pieces, and it was not until Lovecraft died that Farnese had the sheet music printed and circulated." - Joshi and Schultz, An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia, p. 91. We have found no reference to Farnese's "Elegy" in Joshi, or elsewhere, and the piece appears to be unknown to Lovecraft scholars. Some edge wear, horizontal creases at center of both sheets, very good. Uncommon, perhaps unique. (#108227).

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