The Other Masters of Terror: 1967-1997

Selected by Boyd White, Lloyd Currey, and a Corps of Assistants.

Our list adheres to these criteria: 1. Focuses on books published between 1967-1997. 2. Includes works from all genres, as well as mainstream literature, that employ techniques and motifs typically associated with horror fiction. 3. Highlights authors and books that are either now forgotten or have never received the attention they deserve from collectors, readers, and scholars. 4. Unapologetically reflects the biases and tastes of the compilers.

The Other Masters of Terror: 1967-1997 would not have been possible without the invaluable assistance of the reviewers who contributed to the following publications: Fantasy and Horror: A Critical and Historical Guide to Literature, Illustration, Film, TV, Radio and the Internet (Neil Barron ed., The Scarecrow Press, 1999), Horror: The 100 Best Books (ed. by Stephen Jones and Kim Newman, Carroll & Graf, 1988), The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural (Jack Sullivan, Viking, 1986), The St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost & Gothic Writers (David Pringle ed., St.  James Press, 1998), Supernatural Fiction Writers, Vol. 1 and 2, 2nd edition (Richard Bleiler ed., Simon and Schuster, 2003), and all 33 issues of Necrofile: The Journal of Horror Literature (Stefan Dziemianowicz, S. T. Joshi, and Michael A Morrison eds., Necronomicon Press, 1991 to 1999).