TYPED LETTER SIGNED (TLS), 1 page, dated 5 "FeBlueberry" 1990, to "Dear Kirby" [McCauley], signed "P." On standard letter-size paper with typed return address (Inverness, Florida) at top. A covering letter, businesslike in tone, for "the first five chapters of my collaboration with Philip Jose Farmer which, for want of a better name, I have given the working title Tappy." The novel was finished and published in 1992 as THE CATERPILLAR'S QUESTION. Anthony says the manuscript has "a clear plot line, interesting development, and a merging of texts which would be invisible were it not for the chapter divisions." His point is made to contrast this manuscript with another novel that he and Farmer had collaborated on, THE LIGHT YEARS, which "was becoming so jumpy as to be a headache to follow….. While the possibility of placing LIGHT YEARS has not been ruled out, I am doubtful, Farmer is doubtful, and I think all parties concerned except Hank Stine are doubtful, and probably it should be buried." That is, apparently, just what happened to it. (Hank Stine is a minor sf author/editor). Anthony has been a popular and prolific author of science fiction with only a few really ambitious works. Farmer has been a more intense voice in sf. Kirby McCauley was probably the most important literary agent of horror, fantasy and sf writers in the boom years of the 1970s and 1980s. Long closed tear at bottom left corner repaired on verso with archival document tape, 50 mm tear on right side similarly repaired, good. (#101437).

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