METAPLANETARY: A NOVEL OF INTERPLANETARY CIVIL WAR. [New York]: Eos an Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2001]. Octavo, boards. First edition. "The inner system of the Met -- with its worlds connected by a vast living network of cables -- is supported by the repression and enslavement of humanity's progeny, nanotechnological artificial intelligences -- beings whom the tyrant Amés has declared non-human. There is tolerance and sanctuary in the outer system beyond the Jovian frontier. Yet few of the oppressed ever make it past the dictator's well-patrolled boundaries." - jacket blurb. "... the incomplete Metaplanetary sequence -- comprising METAPLANETARY (2001) and SUPERLUMINAL (2004) a space opera set a millennium hence in a solar system whose planets are interconnected by a "spiderweb" of kilometer-thick strands, and in which grist -- a term as useful as David Marusek's "paste" for Nanotech-dense substances which are used for anything from building autonomic houses to growing AIs -- provides a sense of almost overwhelming dreamlike instantaneousness of far-distant plot-events. Inevitably, the political shenanigans of the first volume segue into interplanetary future war; full resolution awaits a final volume." - John Clute, SFE (online). "This is sophisticated, large-scale space opera with some startling technological innovations." - Anatomy of Wonder (2004) II-296. A fine copy in fine dust jacket. (#103302).

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"First Eos hardcover printing: April 2001 / ... FIRST EDITION / 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1" on copyright page.