(#139635) THE RAPTURE OF THE NERDS. Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross.

THE RAPTURE OF THE NERDS. New York: Tor, [2012]. Octavo, printed boards. First edition. At the end of the twenty-first century, "after the Singularity has occurred -- when most human beings (as well as their AIs and quite a few of the more intelligent animals) have already uploaded their essences to the swarm of tiny interconnected computers that's been constructed out of the other solid bodies in the Solar System. Earth revolves alone, pinpointed (in a vivid image from the book) by a solitary beam of sunshine that follows it in its orbit. The rest of the Sun's output is intercepted, used to power the clusters of computronium that host the Solar System's teeming trillions. Earth is, these days, something of a museum, if a neglected and little-visited one. But every museum has its vandals ... and some supposedly-uplifted intelligences aren't all that mature. They periodically transmit society-shattering inventions and concepts to Earth, and it's up to Earth's rather disorganized governments to intercept, evaluate, and erase these transmissions -- or at least eradicate the results after the fact -- if they're determined to be too Earth-shattering." - GoodReads. A fine copy without dust jacket as issued. (#139635).

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