THE SUDDEN STAR. Pamela Sargent.

THE SUDDEN STAR. New York: Fawcett Gold Medal, [1979]. Small octavo, pictorial wrappers. First edition. Fawcett Gold Medal 1-4114-4. The author's second novel. Life in a dismal near future post-ecological catastrophe authoritarian dystopia. "... crop failures, plagues, and institutional collapse make life almost unbearable in what used to be the United States. The human race blames the appearance of a bright star in 2000 A. D. for their troubles, 'forgetting,' as one character puts it, 'that the heavens are vast and the stars unknowing of Earth.'" - Thomas J. Morrissey, Watson and Schellinger (editors), Twentieth-Century Science-Fiction Writers, third edition, p. 690. Sargent, British and American Utopian Literature, 1516-1985, p. 396. A fine copy. (#139731).

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