THX 1138 ... Based on the Screenplay by George Lucas and Walter Murch. New York: Paperback Library, [1971]. Small octavo, pictorial wrappers. First edition. Paperback Library 64-624. "Novelization by Ben Bova, based on a script by George Lucas and Walter Murch for the film directed by Lucas. In an unpleasant anti-utopia of the future, the eponymous hero (yes, it's one of those societies in which everyone is known by a number) attempts to find freedom. Lucas's debut film was too grim to be popular, but it had its merits despite a fundamental lack of originality." - Pringle, The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction, second edition, pp. 372-3. "I did the novelization of George's first movie, and he's a nice kid. He was very professional, but he held most of the story in his head and didn't bother to show it on the screen. My job as novelist was to explain why these people were doing these things." - Ben Bova, interviewed by Stan Nicholls in Interzone. Accompanied by the 10-page 11x13 inch press book for the film, Lucas's first feature-length movie. Reginald 01691. Sargent, British and American Utopian Literature, 1516-1985, p. 330. Both are in fine or nearly fine condition. (#140744).

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