COYOTE DESTINY: A NOVEL OF INTERSTELLAR CIVILIZATION. New York: Ace Books, [2010]. Octavo, boards. First edition. The fifth and last book of the Coyote sequence. "The Coyote saga, centers on two main sequences. The initial trilogy -- COYOTE: A NOVEL OF INTERSTELLAR EXPLORATION (2002), COYOTE RISING: A NOVEL OF INTERSTELLAR REVOLUTION (2004) and COYOTE FRONTIER: A NOVEL OF INTERSTELLAR COLONIZATION (2005) -- carries its central cast from a dystopian near future America via Starship to the gas-giant moon Coyote, which turns out to be eventfully livable. Mysterious native inhabitants are discovered; advances in technology back on Earth, which has since become a socialist tyranny, threaten the colonists, whose response to invasion distantly echoes the American Revolution; but the story lines ramify satisfyingly from that base. The second sub-series, comprising, COYOTE HORIZON: A NOVEL OF INTERSTELLAR DISCOVERY (2009) and COYOTE DESTINY: A NOVEL OF INTERSTELLAR CIVILIZATION (2010), effectively expands the initial retelling of the troubled "discovery" and subsequent settling/colonization of Coyote/America, through a long and complex analysis of the implications involved in the colonization of other worlds with America itself in the role of an oppressive Europe, and Coyote beginning to represent, at least in the subtext of the sequence, a second chance to create a promised land. Encounters with Alien civilizations, rapacious interstellar corporations, and scientific challenges generate a sense that the politics of promise that Steele himself clearly wishes to avow have been complexified; despite some moderately archaic space opera shenanigans, Coyote represents a serious take on the possibilities of a human future in the universe." - John Clute, SFE (online). A fine copy in fine dust jacket. (#146282).

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