(#147860) THE. December 1918 - April 1921 . UNITED CO-OPERATIVE, W. Paul Cook Winifred Virginia Jordan, H. P. Lovecraft, numbers volume 1.

Providence, Rhode Island: H. P. Lovecraft, December 1918 - April 1921 (volume 1, numbers 1-3). Octavo, three issues, self wrappers, stapled. All published. "Another idea Lovecraft put forward to encourage amateur activity was the issuing of cooperative papers -- papers in which a number of individuals would pool their resources, both financial and literary. He attempted to teach by example by participating in such a journal, THE UNITED CO-OPERATIVE, which published three issues: December 1918, June 1919, and April 1921. Lovecraft had contributions in each issue: 'The Simple Spelling Mania' and the poem 'Ambition' [published under his pseudonym "Ward Phillips"] in December 1918; 'The Case for Classicism,' the poem 'John Oldham: A Defence,' and the prose-poem 'Memory' [published under his pen name "Lewis Theobald, Jun."] in June 1919; the collaborative story 'The Crawling Chaos' [with Winifred Virginia Jackson, as by "Elizabeth Berkeley and Lewis Theobald, Jun."] and 'Lucubrations Lovecraftian' in April 1921." - Joshi, H. P. Lovecraft: A Life, pp. 180. Joshi I-D-ii-9; I-B-ii-227, I-B-iii-2, I-B-ii-227, I-B-iii-94, I-B-a-34, I-B-iv-a-25, and I-B-ii-173. The first two issues have faint old mailing creases, but all are in fine condition. Rare. (#147860).

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