SHADOWS OF THE WHITE SUN. New York: Ace Books, [1989]. Octavo, boards. First hardcover edition. First printing without printing code. SHADOWS OF THE WHITE SUN (1988) seems at first assessment almost too complex -- it is set in a far future solar system dominated by revenant star-sailors whose descendants occupy seven space habitats called the Hypaethra, orbiting the Sun, while a computer-created android race occupies the planet Veii in exchange for ritual tribute paid to the despot who dominates the habitats. But embedded within this surround are a convincing murder mystery, a trek and an examination of character. Echoes of both Frank Herbert and Gene Wolfe are detectable, not to Harris's discredit." - John Clute, SFE (online). The novel "shows the influence of Wolfe's THE BOOK OF THE NEW SUN -- an ambitious example to follow." - Pringle, The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction, second edition (1995), p. 323. Issued by the Science Fiction Book Club. A fine copy in fine dust jacket. (#149231).

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