WOLFBANE. Kornbluth, M., Frederik Pohl, M.

WOLFBANE. [New York & London: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1975.]. Octavo, cloth. First U.S. hardcover edition. Text offset from that of the 1969 second printing of the Ballantine Books edition. "The Earth is moved out of its orbit by aliens who capture humans in order to use their bodies in a vast computer complex; it is a precursor to some of the most ambitious work of authors like Stephen Baxter and Greg Bear." - SFE (online). "Pyramid-shaped aliens wrench the Earth from its orbit, and turn the remnants of humanity into fleshly machine components. But one talented individual finds the resources to mount a rebellion. An extremely odd story, part satire and part gosh-wow tale of super-science. The fourth and last collaborative SF novel by these talented authors (Kornbluth died in 1958). In a 1986 revision Pohl has smoothed over some of the first edition's faults." - Pringle, The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction, second edition (1995), pp. 424-5. Anatomy of Wonder (2004) II-865. A fine copy without dust jacket as issued. (#153940).

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