COSMOS, David G. Keller by Ralph Milne Farley, Otis Adelbert Kline, Rae Winters, John W. Campbell, Frances Flagg, Bob Olsen, Arthur J. Burks, Abner J. Gelula E. Hoffmann Price, Eando Binder, Lloyd A. Eshbach, P. Schuyler Miller, Edward E. Smith, J. Harvey Haggard, A. Merritt, Raymond A. Palmer, Edmond Hamilton.

[Jamaica, New York: Conrad H. Ruppert, 1933-1935.]. Octavo, seventeen parts plus preliminaries, unbound as issued. First edition. COSMOS, a legendary collaborative novel by eighteen authors, was published in seventeen parts as supplements to SCIENCE FICTION DIGEST (later FANTASY MAGAZINE), July 1933–January 1935. In order of appearance, contributors were Ralph Milne Farley, David G. Keller, Arthur J. Burks, Bob Olsen, Frances Flagg, John W. Campbell, Rae Winters, Otis Adelbert Kline and E. Hoffmann Price, Abner J. Gelula, Raymond A. Palmer, A. Merritt, J. Harvey Haggard, Edward E. Smith, P. Schuyler Miller, Lloyd A. Eshbach, Eando Binder, and Edmond Hamilton. The title page (designed by Hannes Bok) and table of contents were printed with the final issue for those who wished to have the installments bound. In 1946 Sam Moskowitz estimated that only thirty complete sets of COSMOS existed. Moskowitz, The Immortal Storm (1974), p. 16. Pavlat and Evans, Fanzine Index (1965), p. 19. Installments and preliminaries are unbound as issued and largely in fine condition throughout; parts 1 and 2 have some splits along spine folds and a few leaves have tiny nicks at edges. Complete sets of COSMOS are rare, especially in unbound state. This set is accompanied by a possibly now unique carbon copy of a plot outline for COSMOS, probably prepared for the authors by Raymond A. Palmer, coeditor of the fanzine. (#162995).

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