DR. ADDER. K. W. Jeter.

DR. ADDER. [New York]: Bluejay Books, Inc., [1984]. Octavo, pictorial wrappers. First edition. "Jeter's most significant SF may lie in the thematic trilogy comprising DR. ADDER (1984) –- his first novel (written 1972), long left unpublished because of its sometimes turgid violence –- THE GLASS HAMMER (1985) and DEATH ARMS (1987) ... Philip K Dick had read DR. ADDER in manuscript and for years advocated it; and it is clear why. Though the novel clearly prefigures the under-soil airlessness of the best urban cyberpunk, it even more clearly serves as a bridge between the defiant reality-testing paranoia of Dick's characters and the doomed realpolitiking of the surrendered souls who dwell in post-1984 urban sprawls. In each of these convoluted tales, set in a devastated Somme-like near-future America, Jeter's characters seem to vacillate between the SF traditions of resistance and cyberpunk quietism. In worlds like these, the intermittent flashes of SF imagery or content are unlasting consolations." - John Clute, SFE (online). Trade paperback original. Anatomy of Wonder (2004) II-569. A fine copy. (#165637).

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Printing identification statement for this book:
"First Bluejay printing: March 1984" on copyright page.