(#165987) Our party, Yosemite Valley, Cal. [caption title]. Advertising card, PLATT, WASHBURN REFINING CO.
Our party, Yosemite Valley, Cal. [caption title].

Our party, Yosemite Valley, Cal. [caption title]. New York: Platt & Washburn Refining Co., n.d. [1890s]. Advertising card, 11.8x7.8 cm. An advertisement for Platt & Washburn Refining Co.'s oils and greases. Imprint on this card is "Ward Bros. lith. Col. O." This illustration appears as part of Western souvenir albums (including Souvenir album of the great west, n.d.) as well as separate advertising cards. Ron Tyler (in his preliminary, unpublished work on Texas lithographs of the nineteenth century) says "these attractive, small souvenir albums full of lithographed illustrations of cities and scenery appeared throughout the United States and Canada in the late nineteenth century ... They were all manufactured in Germany by what became known as the Glaser/Frey lithographic process. Most of the pocket-sized books have hard covers, sometimes with attractive bindings. The illustrations were done from photographs, with the lithographers making some alterations by adding or deleting details … Louis Glaser of Leipzig and Charles Frey of Frankfurt am Main used a multi-stone lithographic process to achieve a monochromatic effect that seems to have been rare if not unknown among American lithographers. Using five or more stones, they laid down a series of separate shades ranging from white to light sepia-gray to the darkest sepia-gray or black. The finished lithograph has a varnished look that creates greater illusion of depth than a simple lithograph or toned lithograph ... The photographs for the albums were probably collected by traveling agents in the U.S., employed perhaps by one of the four different American publishers who distributed the majority of the albums: Wittemann Brothers of New York, Adolph Wittemann of New York, the Chisholm Brothers of Portland, Maine, and Ward Brothers of Columbus, Ohio." A fine copy. (#165987).

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