Philip K. Dick Award

The award is for best paperback original first published in the United States in the award year. Occasionally a book published in Canada or the UK in a prior year will be published in the award year in the US and be eligible and win. Where two titles appear under the same year, the second was a runner-up or a tie.


The 1992 winner, KING OF MORNING QUEEN OF DAY by Ian McDonald, was first published as a story in the collection EMPIRE DREAMS [1988] and was expanded to novel length in 1991.)

The 1993 winner, IN THE MOTHER'S LAND, was first published in Canada in 1992 as THE MAERLANDE CHRONICLES.

The 2011 winner HARMONY was published in 2008 in Japan as HAMONI.

The 2012 winner, three novels all published by Morden in 2011, form a single trilogy known as the Samuel Petrovitch Trilogy.