Twilight Zone Magazine's Five-Foot Bookshelf

Ten short lists of recommended reading appeared in the May/June and July/August 1983 issues of Twilight Zone Magazine, two by the magazine's book editor, Thomas Disch, three by Karl Edward Wagner and four by R. S. Hadji (i.e. Robert Knowlton). Those who encountered these small treasure chests at the time have kept alive an affectionate respect for their display of idiosyncratic but learned taste. Four of the lists are reprinted below. (Note: Disch's "contemporary classics" list has 16 entries because he grouped three separately published books by Moorcock together as a trilogy, and we have added the three separate titles),

Thomas M. Disch: Thirteen All-Time Classics of Fantasy

Thomas M. Disch: Thirteen Great Works of Fantasy from the Last Thirteen Years

R. S. Hadji (Robert Knowlton): Thirteen Neglected Masterpieces of the Macabre

Karl Edward Wagner: The Thirteen Best Non-Supernatural Horror Novels

* Leiber's CONJURE WIFE first book appearance was in the three-novel anthology WITCHES THREE (1952)