ENTRÜCKT IN DIE ZUKUNFT. SOZIALPOLITISCHER ROMAN. Berlin: Ferd. Dümmlers Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1895. Octavo, pp. [1-4] 1-278 [279] [280: printer's imprint], original terra cotta wrappers printed in black, all edges untrimmed. First edition. A young doctor, Jules Raymont, mysteriously vanishes from Paris. A year later a manuscript fragment is found in which he records his experiences since his disappearance. As the result of a hypnotic experiment, he has awakened in the year 2093, 175 years after the Great Revolution of 1918. After the revolution, the communist and then the Social Democratic governments fall. A new era of universal cooperation takes hold and there is world peace, a utopia. The whole Earth is now the property and home of a united mankind. Paris has been transformed into an idyll in which the residents live a paradisiacal existence. There have been great technological advances, including antigravity airships and expeditions to the Moon. The societal principles are similar to those of the author’s earlier novel FREELAND (1889). “In this book he accepts revolution, but attempts to avoid the dictatorship. His classless society is obviously Marxian” - Kretzmann, pp. 123-5. Kretzmann, The Pre-War German Utopian Novel (1890-1914), Ph.D. diss., Brown University, May, 1936, pp. 123-5, 212. Lexikon 1, pp. 119-20. Bloch (2002) 1466. Not in Nagl. Wrappers worn at edges, a very good copy. A rare book. (#137414).

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