(#156453) combined, TESSERACT, THE . September 1936 . PLANETEER, James Blish, number 1 volume 2.
PLANETEER, THE [combined with TESSERACT]. September 1936 (volume 2, number 1). Edited by James Blish.

N. p. [East Orange, N.J.]: James Blish and William Miller, Jr. September 1936 (volume 2, number 1). Small octavo, single issue, letterpress, loose sheets. An elusive amateur magazine of the 1930s. Includes "The Wood," a poem by H. P. Lovecraft which appears here for the second time in a magazine (it appeared earlier in THE TRYOUT, January 1927). The incomplete final issue edited by Blish, consisting here of two sheets printing pages [3]-10 (the Lovecraft poem is printed in its entirety on pages 5 and 6). This issue also begins the Blish story "Death's Crystal Towers," which cuts off mid-sentence on page 10. According to Moskowitz, "Blish never did mail out the unfinished number of THE PLANETEER" and Moskowitz "on a visit to Blish's home in 1937, salvaged most of the remaining pages and assembled some two dozen copies, which he sold at ten cents apiece." This copy does not have the full compliment of surviving pages. Pavlat and Evans, Fanzine Index (1965), pp. 84. Moskowitz, The Immortal Storm, pp. 47; 66. Joshi I-B-iii-214. A fine copy. (#156453).

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