(#164477) THE CHRISTMAS NUMBERS FROM ALL THE YEAR ROUND (1859; 1862-1867). Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, William.

THE CHRISTMAS NUMBERS FROM ALL THE YEAR ROUND (1859; 1862-1867). London: Chapman and Hall, 1859; 1862-1867. Octavo, seven numbers, all with their original self wrappers or blue printed wrappers, sewn, as issued. First editions. Seven of the nine issues -- those for 1859; 1862-1867 -- of ALL THE YEAR ROUND (1859-1867). The issues present include THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1859), SOMEBODY'S LUGGAGE (1862), MRS. LIRRIPER'S LODGINGS (1863), MRS. LIRRIPER'S LEGACY (1864), DOCTOR MARIGOLD'S PRESCRIPTIONS (1965), MUGBY JUNCTION (1866), and NO THOROUGHFARE (1867). Dickens and Wilkie Collins were the major contributors to these issues. Others include Amelia B. Edwards and Jane Gaskell. For aficionados of the ghost story the highlight here is the first appearance in print of Dickens's classic "No. 1 Branch Line, The Signalman," which is part of the "Mugby Junction" cycle written by Dickens, Andrew Halliday, Charles Collins, Hesba Stretton and Amelia B. Edwards. Also present is "The Haunted House" (1859), a collaborative work by various authors, including Wilkie Collins and Mrs. Gaskell, combined with material by Dickens to create a supernatural story. The Dickens contributions to this work are the chapters "The Mortals in the House" and "The Ghost in Master B.'s Room." Wilkie Collins' story, "The Ghost in the Cupboard Room," is the original version of his classic non-supernatural nautical suspense story which Collins revised and published in 1873 as "Blow Up With the Brig." Bound with the original wrappers (when so issued) in calf-backed cloth, front cover detached. The advertising matter is present in the 1864 issue, including the OUR MUTUAL FRIEND slip. The issues for 1859 and 1862 are very good, 1863, 1864 and 1865 are fine, 1866 has a 40 mm horizontal closed tear in the fore-edge of the rear wrapper, but is otherwise fine, 1867 has a tiny spot on the front wrapper and a tiny hole in the rear wrapper, but is otherwise fine. A gathering of superior copies. Although large editions were printed, the Christmas numbers rarely survive in such admirable state. (#164477).

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