(#172741) ROGUE MOON. Algis Budrys.

ROGUE MOON. Boston: Gregg Press, 1977. Octavo, cloth. First hardcover edition. Text offset from that of the 1960 Fawcett edition. New introductions by Algis Budrys and Joseph Milicia. "A matter transmitter is used to send men to the Moon. There they encounter a terrifying alien 'maze.' This powerful psychological thriller deals with the human urge to transcend death. A minor SF classic." - Pringle, The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction, second edition, p. 310. " ... now widely regarded as an SF classic. A good deal has been written about the highly integrated symbolic structure of this story, whose perfectly competent surface narration deals with a hard-SF solution to the problem of an alien labyrinth, discovered on the Moon, which kills anyone who tries to pass through it without obeying various arbitrary and incomprehensible rules. At one level, the novel's description of attempts to thread the labyrinth from Earth via matter transmission (which is also matter duplication) makes for excellent traditional SF; at another, it is a sustained rite de passage, a doppelganger conundrum about the mind-body split, a death-paean. There is no doubt that Budrys intends that both levels of reading should register, however any interpretation might run; in this novel the two levels interact fruitfully." - SFE (online). 1961 Hugo nominee. Anatomy of Wonder (2004) II-181. Pringle, Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels 32. Survey of Science Fiction Literature IV, pp. 1821-26. A fine copy without dust jacket as issued. (#172741).

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